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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy



During January and February when conditions were static the active MDS limited its surgery to the relatively few urgent cases and the resuscitation of serious cases prior to evacuation to the nearby CCS. Over one thousand sick and two hundred battle casualties were dealt with by 4 MDS at Faenza. The minor sick were treated at 6 MDS at Forli. Nearly 1500 cases were admitted and nearly 60 per cent were able to be returned direct to their units. There was a marked diminution in the number of cases of infective hepatitis. An illustration of the type of work undertaken in the unit at that time is given by the following classification of cases treated:

  • Skins: 121 cases, including boils, which when associated with seborrhoea did badly.

  • Infestation: 82 cases (scabies 66, pediculosis 16). Benzyl benzoate cleared up the scabies cases satisfactorily.

  • Tonsillitis: 36 cases—many showed positive KLB.

  • Diphtheria: Faucial 14 and skin 6 cases. 96,000 units of serum were given to each case.

  • Fevers: 68 cases. The majority settled in twenty-four hours.

  • Hepatitis: 27 cases.

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  • Respiratory: 44 cases. All except two pneumonia cases cleared up in two weeks.

  • Accidental Injuries: 39, none serious, some due to skiing.

  • Malaria: 2 cases.