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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Across the Po

Across the Po

During 24 April forward infantry of 2 NZ Division crossed the formidable barrier of the river Po in assault boats. Opposition on the far bank was slight and a start was made by our engineers to bridge the river, a distance of some 600 feet. The bridge, Eighth Army's first over the Po, was completed on 25 April (Anzac Day) and that evening 6 ADS crossed this notable river, being the first medical unit to do so. The main part of the Division crossed the Po on 26 April. Owing to the difficulty of getting vehicles back across the river with the ceaseless advance of essential fighting transport, 6 MDS was moved over and established in Trecenta, where 3 FSU and 2 FTU later joined it. The 4th MDS closed for battle casualties with the opening of 6 MDS and received minor sick only. There had been only twelve battle casualties admitted in three days, contrasted with 104 sickness cases. At this stage all units of the Division's medical services were now open and stretched over a line of communication of 100 miles.