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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Work at the CCS

Work at the CCS

This unit was under command of ADMS 2 NZ Division during this period. It was out of action during practically the whole of the first period before the Division went out to rest.

After the CCS took over from the MDS on 18 October at Igiea Marina it dealt with over 600 cases, including 174 battle casualties, in twelve days. The unit then moved to a large school at Forli, and during December 762 cases, including 572 battle casualties, were admitted. The unit was strengthened by the attachment of a British FSU as well as of our own FSU and FTU, and also of Captain Hodgkiss, an experienced chest surgeon.

During October 15 abdomens were operated on, with 6 deaths. There were 10 penetrating abdomens with 4 deaths, and 5 thoraco-abdomens with 2 deaths. Included in the cases were 5 prisoners of war, with 2 deaths. During December at Forli 20 abdomens were page 628 operated on, with 8 deaths. Many severe mine wounds were encountered and many amputations had to be performed.

The conditions were almost ideal; central heating was available and the seriously ill patients were held till their condition for evacuation was perfectly satisfactory.