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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

The Move to the Front Line

The Move to the Front Line

From 22 November onwards the Division moved forward again to the fighting zone, assembling in an area west of Cesena. First to return to operations was the Divisional Artillery, followed by the two infantry brigades and lastly the armoured brigade.

Although there had been some advance during November, the general position at the front was very similar to that prevailing previously. Forli, 10 miles above Cesena on Route 9, had been cleared, and Eighth Army had established itself nearly 9 miles beyond it facing Faenza on the line of the Lamone River. The Lamone was a perfect example of the type of stream across which the bitterest fighting of 1945 was to take place. Its width was only 60 to 70 feet, but on either side were massive terraced stopbanks of soft earth reaching to a height of more than 20 feet. With steeply pitched slopes into which it was easy to tunnel, and parapets about seven feet wide, these stopbanks formed a splendid defensive line. Bologna was now only 30 miles away, but seemed as unapproachable as ever.