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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

MDS at Riccione

MDS at Riccione

The 5th MDS, with 1 FSU, 2 FTU, and 6 Field Ambulance surgical team attached, was established on 20 September as the open MDS in the municipal buildings at Riccione, 8 miles north-west of Cattolica.

During the period 20 to 25 September when 5 MDS was open for battle casualties from this action, the operating theatre was working continuously, 144 operations being carried out. Evacuation took place to 4 Canadian CCS near Riccione, 5 Canadian CCS at Cattolica, and 1 General Hospital at Senigallia. The more serious cases, such as abdominal, thoracic and head, were evacuated as soon as possible to page 612 4 and 5 Canadian CCSs, and the less urgent cases to 1 General Hospital. An effort was made to distribute cases so that patients would receive surgical treatment in the shortest possible time.