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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Plans for Move Forward of Base Units

Plans for Move Forward of Base Units

After the fall of Rome the enemy retreated to a line 150 miles to the north of that city, which meant that when 2 NZ Division was again operationally employed it would be about 400 miles from the base at Bari. Accordingly, on 19 June a decision was made to move HQ 2 NZEF and Advanced Base to Ancona, 100 miles up the Adriatic coast, when that town should fall into the hands of the Allied forces. The DMS 2 NZEF arranged for 1 General Hospital to participate in the move north. Admissions to 1 General Hospital were reduced accordingly, most cases being diverted to 3 General Hospital. The move north was delayed considerably, until August and September, because of firm enemy resistance, and the move of the Advanced Base was cancelled, this camp remaining in southern Italy.