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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Medical Cases at 2 NZ General Hospital

Medical Cases at 2 NZ General Hospital

Up to the end of March half of the patients admitted to the medical wards of the hospitals were suffering from acute infectious disease. Infective hepatitis and pneumonia each accounted for 232 cases, atypical pneumonia being responsible for the great proportion of the pneumonia cases. There were 164 cases of psychoneurosis and disorders of digestion and skin disease were common, with 184 page 565 and 123 cases respectively. Four cases of typhoid fever were admitted, two, both very ill, from recent reinforcements.

From April to June there were 1201 admissions to the medical wards, of which 553 were of infectious disease, 241 of digestive, 150 of nervous, and 123 of respiratory disorders, and 108 of skin diseases. Of the infectious diseases, hepatitis had diminished to 130 cases and there were 214 cases of pneumonia and 60 of bacillary dysentery, 10 of malaria, and 4 of typhoid. There was only one medical death during that period.