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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Moves of Medical Units

Moves of Medical Units

Medical units did not move forward until 30 May, when 5 MDS became the open battle MDS at Atina and 4 MDS became the MDS for sickness cases at San Pasquale, between Sant' Elia and Cassino. The 1st General Hospital surgical team and 2 FTU were attached to 5 MDS at Atina. The evacuation route had by this time become very long over a rough road, and priority cases were all dealt with at the MDS, but abdominal cases were still evacuated to 1 Mobile CCS for operation. The journey of battle casualties from Atina to 1 Mobile CCS at Presenzano was sometimes interrupted at 4 MDS for resuscitation or urgent treatment.

On 3 June 5 MDS moved to half a mile south of Sora and remained there until 17 June, when it went to Arce. The 4th MDS also moved forward towards Sora on 4 June, while 6 Field Ambulance was in reserve at Atina, although 6 ADS, moving with 6 Brigade, went as far north as Civitella Roveto, near Avezzano, before returning to the divisional rest area. When 6 Field Ambulance moved to Arce on 14 June, it became the open MDS.

An advance was made by 1 Mobile CCS on 7 June from Presenzano to Frosinone, between Arce and Rome. From Frosinone air evacuation was organised to 2 General Hospital, thus avoiding the long journey by road.