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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

2 NZ Division Breaks off Pursuit

2 NZ Division Breaks off Pursuit

In the upper Liri valley the impact of these events was felt. The enemy accelerated the withdrawal he was carrying out behind his defences at Balsorano, which town he deserted, and 6 Brigade moved in on 6 June. Extensive demolitions and mines prevented the brigade from maintaining contact with the fleeing enemy forces. After the fall on 9 June of Avezzano, a town on the main lateral road between Pescara, on the east coast, and Rome, it became increasingly obvious that the line of advance on which the Division was operating had become a cul-de-sac, and by the middle of the month page 555 it had been decided to abandon operations in this sector. Bailey bridging was urgently required elsewhere, and the divisional concentration area had to be altered to avoid isolation by unbridged demolitions. A move was therefore made back to Arce on Route 6 between Cassino and Rome. Here, for the first time since they began fighting in Italy, all units of the Division were able to enjoy a complete rest.