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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy



The approximate wastage from 2 NZ Division for the period of ten days following 15 March was as follows:

Killed in action 220
Wounded: Officers 53
Other Ranks 698
Sick: Officers 20
Other Ranks 354
Total 1,345

The medical units were busy but arrangements for treatment and evacuation worked smoothly, and at no time did the situation get out of hand. Physical exhaustion cases among the troops were becoming numerous prior to the relief of the Division.

The total evacuations from NZ Corps from 4 February to 25 March 1944 were:

Sick BCs
NZ 1,472 1,345
4 Indian Division 1,558 2,722
British 2,142 381
Total 5,172 4,448
Grand total 9,620.

Total strength of corps 69,700, excluding American forces under command totalling 11,000 (approx.).

(Note: Medical arrangements were based on estimated casualties of 2400 within the first fifty-six hours of the second attack, but the total casualties from 2 NZ Division and 4 Indian Division for this period amounted to only 725.)