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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Move to Burg el Arab

Move to Burg el Arab

Every effort was made to prepare the New Zealand force for a new theatre of war while at the same time keeping the actual destination a close secret. In preparation for a campaign in Italy, the higher authorities in Egypt had been engaged with the multiple problems and intricate planning necessary for the transfer of so large a body of men with all their arms, equipment, vehicles, and supplies from one theatre of war to another.

The move of the Division from Maadi to the concentration area at Burg el Arab, west of Alexandria, began on 13 September. An MDS was set up by 4 Field Ambulance during the move at Kilo 45 on the MenaAlexandria road. Many of the units covered the distance of 85 miles between Mena and Burg el Arab in a route march extending over nearly a week. While the New Zealanders marched they heard that in Italy the Fifth Army was locked in bitter fighting at Salerno and that the Eighth was pushing steadily northwards from Taranto through Bari. The New Zealand Division was destined to join the famous Eighth Army once again.