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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Penicillin in Gas Gangrene

Penicillin in Gas Gangrene

There had been some increase in the incidence of gas gangrene and penicillin had been utilised in several cases with marked success. One patient recovered in spite of gangrene of all the adductors and the quadriceps complicating a shattered fracture of the upper end of the femur. There was spread of the infection also into the abdominal wall. Amputation was performed through the hip joint and penicillin given intravenously in glucose saline drip for three page 520 days. Large doses of serum were also given. The patient recovered. Five cases of gas gangrene, with three deaths, were noted at the CCS during December. Major MacLennan, RAMC, had reported that there was an incidence of 1 per cent of anaerobic infection in Italy, and that this approached the incidence in Flanders in 1918. A total of six cases was notified in the Division in December.