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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Transfusion Team

Transfusion Team

Full provision of blood was available, with one exception when on 6 December at Atessa 23 pints of blood were taken from local unit donors. Forearm veins were utilised. Plaster-of-paris cuffs were placed round the forearm to fix the needle.

The practice at that time is illustrated by the figures showing the cases treated by the resuscitation officer and the number transfused.

Cases Transfused Average Amount
Heads 19 4 2 pints blood.
Chests 25 7 1·4 pints blood.
Abdomens 42 42 2 pints blood.
Burns 10 8 3·6 pints plasma.
Limb wounds 128 56 2·1 pints blood.
1·2 pints plasma.
Gas gangrene 3 1·6 pints blood.
3·0 pints plasma.

Altogether in this group, 219 pints of blood were given to 106 patients, and 210 pints of plasma were given to 135 patients. The need for a relieving transfusion officer was stressed. This relief was normally supplied by the resting field ambulance.