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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Change of DMS 2 NZEF

Change of DMS 2 NZEF

On 17 April 1943 Brigadier MacCormick had relinquished the appointment of DMS 2 NZEF, handing over to Brigadier Kenrick, who had returned from a tour of duty to New Zealand. On the eve of his departure Brigadier MacCormick paid tribute to the high technical attainments of the NZMC officers, the unremitting service and ideals of the New Zealand army nurses, the ready adaptability and devotion to duty of the NZMC other ranks, the cheerfulness and very great assistance rendered by the personnel of the NZWAAC Hospital Division, and the courage and endurance of the attached NZASC drivers.

The efficient working of the New Zealand Medical Service as a whole was a tribute to Brigadier MacCormick.