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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Increase in Number of Charge Sisters in General Hospitals

Increase in Number of Charge Sisters in General Hospitals

The Matron-in-Chief had raised the question of granting promotion and/or increases in pay to senior sisters who were in more responsible positions in hospitals. The matter gave rise to a good deal of discussion between medical administrators as it was not easy to select a small number of sisters for special treatment in this respect. Headquarters 2 NZEF ruled against pay increases, but eventually approved increases in establishment whereby there would be eight charge sisters in a 600-bed hospital and twelve in a 900-bed hospital, dating from 1 March 1943. In notifying the Matron-in-Chief and officers commanding general hospitals of the increase in establishment, DMS 2 NZEF stated that it was to be regarded as a generous appreciation of the work of the NZANS.

As at 28 February 1943, the strength of the NZANS in 2 NZEF stood at 245, of whom only eleven were charge sisters or above. The position was that a member of the NZANS received an increment of pay after two years' service in 2 NZEF, but the possibility of further increases was limited. Vacancies in the higher appointments of the nursing service did not occur very frequently, it being pointed out that, at that time, there had been no change in the Matron-in-Chief or in the matrons of the three general hospitals since the persons holding these appointments had gone overseas. It appeared reasonable, therefore, to increase the number of charge sisters.