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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Appointment of Senior Clerks as Registrars of Hospitals

Appointment of Senior Clerks as Registrars of Hospitals

In order that the medical officer in each hospital performing the clerical duties of Registrar could be released for purely medical duties, it had been decided earlier to promote the senior clerks, who were staff-sergeants, to commissioned rank as Registrars. This change was effected at 3 General Hospital in November 1942, at 1 General Hospital in December, and at 2 General Hospital some months later. Similarly, at a later date, it was arranged for NCOs to receive commissions and take the place of company officers in hospitals, releasing more medical officers for professional duties. At first, graded officers from combatant units were appointed as company officers, but later a change was made in favour of purely NZMC personnel.

In these appointments it was found that there was no loss of efficiency and, as members of the Medical Corps, the new appointees page 474 had an adequate medical background for their positions. In the future staffing of military hospitals there is no reason why the appointments of Registrar and Company Officer, as well as the quartermasters of medical units, should not be filled by suitable ‘non-medical’ officers.