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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Medical Reinforcements from New Zealand

Medical Reinforcements from New Zealand

The dearth of reinforcements from New Zealand for the NZMC in the Middle East came to an end on 8 December 1942, when 59 NZMC other ranks and 10 members of the NZWAAC (Medical Division) arrived on HS Maunganui. The cessation of reinforcements throughout most of 1942 had necessitated medical units working with incomplete staffs, and by October medical units were over a hundred short of establishments. On 5 January 1943, when the 8th Reinforcements with 50 other ranks NZMC arrived, the position began to right itself again and 1 and 2 General Hospitals were able to release a number of their acclimatised staff for duty with field units, their places being taken by recent reinforcements.