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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

General Situation

General Situation

Following the original ‘Break-in’ of the battle from 23 to 25 October, there was a ‘Dog-fight’ prior to the ‘Break-out’ and pursuit, as described by General Montgomery. In the second phase from 25 October to 1 November, the salient in the north was extended by 9 Australian Division, while the enemy wasted his strength in vain counter-attacks. Constant pressure was maintained by Eighth Army to keep the initiative and force the enemy to commit his reserve and expose his troops to the concentrated weight of the Army's artillery and air force.

The enemy apparently came to the conclusion that Eighth Army was staking all on a breakthrough down the main road in the north, and he moved his reserves to meet that threat. The Army was well placed to take advantage of the situation. A plan was made for the New Zealand Division to attack, along with 151 and 152 Infantry Brigades from 50 and 51 Divisions, south of the Australian sector and make a breach to launch 10 Corps into the open desert beyond the enemy's defences, thus dividing him in two.

The assault was to be carried out by 151 (Tyneside) Brigade and 152 (Highland) Brigade, with 28 (Maori) Battalion on the extreme right to clear an enemy position on the flank. New Zealand infantry were to take over the line during the assault and later move forward and relieve the assault brigades.