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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Siting of New Zealand Medical Units

Siting of New Zealand Medical Units

When 2 NZ Division entered the line on 22 October, 5 Field Ambulance, under Lieutenant-Colonel McQuilkin, opened an MDS as already mentioned. A Company 5 Field Ambulance, under Major Dempsey, was placed under the command of 5 Infantry Brigade to run an ADS. One company (also A Company) from 6 Field Ambulance, under Major R. A. Elliott, provided an ADS for 6 Infantry Brigade. An ADS for 9 Armoured Brigade under command, and one for 3 Echelon 9 Armoured Brigade, were provided by sections of 166 British Light Field Ambulance. The remainder of 6 Field Ambulance and 166 British Light Field Ambulance were held in reserve; 4 Field Ambulance, under Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. King, which was at Maadi Camp with 4 Brigade, came forward on 26 October to open a Divisional Rest Station near Gharbaniyat.

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To 5 MDS were attached 2 NZ Surgical Team and a surgical team from Light Section 1 NZ CCS under Majors D. McKenzie and S. L. Wilson respectively. From their site on the Cairo-Alexandria road, 1 CCS under Lieutenant-Colonel Hunter moved on 4 October to the medical centre at Gharbaniyat.