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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

ADMS 2 NZ Division Promoted to DDMS 30 Corps

ADMS 2 NZ Division Promoted to DDMS 30 Corps

Early in February General Montgomery made a request to the Commander-in-Chief Middle East Forces that ADMS 2 NZ Division, Colonel Ardagh, be appointed DDMS Eighth Army. The DMS GHQ MEF pointed out that this would create difficulties as DDMS Eighth Army was in command of all RAMC personnel in Eighth Army. As a compromise it was agreed that Colonel Ardagh should be appointed DDMS 30 Corps. Colonel Ardagh for his part did not seek, nor did he wish to take, either position, preferring to remain with 2 NZ Division. General Freyberg considered that it was his duty to accept the appointment, and on 16 February Colonel page 418 Ardagh became DDMS 30 Corps with the rank of brigadier. His departure was a big loss to the Division. The CO 6 Field Ambulance, Colonel F. P. Furkert, was appointed ADMS 2 NZ Division in his stead.

2 NZEF Casualties
Killed and Died of Wounds Prisoners of War Wounded
23 October 1942 – 21 November 1942 AlameinBardia 380 41 1290
22 November 1942 – 14 January 1943 Agheila 56 15 170
15 January 1943 – 2 February 1943 To Tripoli 22 1 67