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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Medical Plan of 10 Corps for Advance

Medical Plan of 10 Corps for Advance

The planning for the advance of 10 Corps was entirely different from the first set battle as now mobility and long lines of evacuation had to be dealt with. Provision was made for a large number of mobile Corps medical units: two mobile CCSs, 15 British CCS and 8 SA CCS, and the light section of 1 NZ CCS. Three self-contained and mobile FSUs and one FTU, and two light field ambulances—the 12th and 151st—were attached to 10 Corps, apart from New Zealand field ambulance units.

One hundred and sixty-six AFS four-wheel-drive Dodge cars, each capable of carrying three stretcher cases or six sitting cases, were also available. During the advance two lines of communication were arranged, one along the coastal road and the other some 20 to 30 miles south, mostly over rough desert studded with small hummocks of camel grass. At first only small medical units could accompany the armour, but later it would be necessary to bring the other Corps units up to deal with casualties during the rapid advance by leapfrogging the medical units and leaving behind sections to nurse page 402 serious cases, and at times possibly carrying cases forward for a time with the units. The plans had all been carefully worked out and explained to all units, and a period of realistic training had taken place, with a rehearsal of the battle as planned.

The blood transfusion service had made full preparations and had ready an ample supply of blood. Medical supplies were ample and all field units carried fourteen days' reserve expendable stores, and an advanced depot of medical stores was to move forward with the Corps.