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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

The Work of the Advanced Dressing Stations

The Work of the Advanced Dressing Stations

The standard of work at the two active ADSs was excellent and earned high praise from the MDS which received their patients.

The work of the ADS was primarily the collection of cases from the forward areas and the RAPs, and their rapid evacuation to the MDS. First-aid treatment was given to the wounds not already adequately dealt with at the RAP, and, apart from the simple means of resuscitation—such as the giving of copious hot drinks of tea, and providing comfort and warmth and, if necessary, morphia—blood and serum were given to the exsanguinated and collapsed patients.

Field medical cards were carefully written up, with prominent indication to the MDS as to any special type of case or advice on subsequent treatment. Splints, particularly Thomas splints, were also applied to fracture cases. The work of collection through the minefields was most efficiently carried out and the ambulance drivers, including those of the AFS, did fearless and excellent work. Both the active ADSs were working at high pressure during the battle.