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4th and 6th Reserve Mechanical Transport Companies

Friday, 28 November

Friday, 28 November

This is the day when the enemy's three armoured divisions, having returned from their rampage to the frontier, prepare to sweep aside the wounded New Zealand Division. They make page 152 a good start by overrunning two companies of 24 Battalion.

In the afternoon the Divisional Administration Group, having moved westwards to near Point 175 the previous day, comes up, despite shelling, to 4 RMT's area behind the battalions. Still with the group are B Section 4 RMT (what precious water it has left goes to the Main Dressing Station patients and prisoners of war) and the two RMT workshops sections. These new arrivals wait until darkness and then, all intact, leave on a hectic journey for the comparative safety of Tobruk. A, C, and D Sections 4 RMT remain with Headquarters near Zaafran.