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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

At 6 Field Ambulance

page 122

At 6 Field Ambulance

There had been a time of comparative quiet and rest for 6 Field Ambulance. Comparative quiet, for the Luftwaffe confined its operations to Suda and Maleme and left the area just west of Canea alone—and comparative rest, for the duties at 6 MDS, caring for a few cases of minor sickness, or at 7 General Hospital were not onerous and the men were spelled. A little later 6 Field Ambulance also opened a convalescent depot adjoining the MDS for men discharged from 7 General Hospital, but this did not place any great burden on the unit.

The work of the MDS went on quietly and steadily until 18 May, when a bomber pilot released his stick of bombs across 7 General Hospital lines, even though some of the buildings and the hospital area were clearly marked with Red Crosses, and killed and wounded several of the hospital staff.