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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

Another Year Begins

Another Year Begins

The New Year was ushered in with the ringing of bells. Across the Senio the enemy, too, fired off flares and rang church bells, and then settled down to a solid strafing of our forward defences.

January brought few changes. The Division was operating in a purely defensive role while the enemy consolidated along the Senio River. The month was cold, with rain and several heavy falls of snow. As no attacks were made, casualties were light, coming from patrol clashes, harassing fire, and mines.

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For the most part the front was quiet under the fog that lay heavily over the plains. At times, however, the enemy lashed out at occupied houses and other buildings with self-propelled guns from the area of Felisio to the north. Then the muzzle-flashes of the New Zealand artillery flickered through the fields and vineyards as the infantry called for concentrations on the enemy guns.