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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

5 MDS at Riccione

5 MDS at Riccione

At Riccione 5 MDS took over the local municipal buildings. Cleared of debris, these buildings were very commodious, and it was possible to prepare some excellent 18- and 30-bed wards. The operating theatre was large enough to accommodate two surgical teams working at the same time, and had two adjoining rooms which were used as preparation rooms. The staff of the unit were quartered on the top floor, and the hospital kitchen and patients' dining hall were established in the basement. The holding capacity was slightly more than 150 patients, but as the unit began to receive both battle casualties and sick from the Division, this capacity was soon tested to the utmost.

From 20 to 25 September the theatre was in use continuously, 144 operations being performed. The rush of work had eased when 4 MDS took over farther forward at Viserba, two miles north of Rimini, on the 26th. Then the MDS was reorganised to hold more sick, and as the sickness rate in the Division proved to be much higher than usual, the unit was kept busy. Cases held varied from page 389 130 to 150 and large numbers, including many jaundice patients, were evacuated to 1 General Hospital, less than 40 miles away at Senigallia.

black and white photograph of patients sitting on beach

Convalescent Depot patients on the breakwater, San Spirito

black and white photograph of injured soldier

A wounded Indian soldier being treated at 5 Field Ambulance MDS, south of Florence

black and white photograph of wounded soldier entering medical unit

Colonel G. W. Gower (CO) and Matron Miss M. E. Jackson welcome the 40,000th patient to 3 NZ General Hospital, Bari