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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

The Hospitals

The Hospitals

Though neither 1 nor 2 General Hospital was called upon to follow up Eighth Army in its advance from Alamein to Tunis, each worked hard dealing with casualties throughout the campaign and could claim a share in the glorious achievement.

In 1942 1 General Hospital admitted 10,881 patients at Helwan, while 2 General Hospital, a smaller hospital, had 6377 admissions at Gerawla, Nazareth, and El Ballah. 3 General Hospital treated 11,306 patients in 256 days at Choukri Ghanum, before moving up to Tripoli, where it admitted 5402 patients in 170 days.

The number of patients alone does not sum up the work of the hospitals. At 1 General Hospital, for instance, the number of outpatients was 7310, and a total of 2880 medical boards were completed in 1942. Over 1,000,000 meals were supplied to patients and staff during the year, and the quantity of food and fuel used was over ten tons daily. More than 3600 jobs on repairs and maintenance were completed, some taking only half an hour, others six weeks.