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Forts and Works, number 11 (June 2001)


1Sources for this article include the War History Branch Card File Index at Archives NZ, Wellington: Internal Affairs files IA1 181/7/4 War History. Unit Histories. Third NZ Division Histories; IA1 1 81/7/5 War History. Unit Histories. 2NZEF Fiji; IA1 181/7/6 War History. Unit Histories. (First) Commando Fiji Guerillas; IA1 181/7/39 War History. Unit Histories. Home Defence Units; IA1 1 81/53/2 War History Branch. Publications.

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Marsack Moblisation Report, Charles Marsack. NZ Army, 1944


Bioletti made this statement in a book about the American forces in NZ called The Yanks Are Coming (Century Hutchinson, 1989). F&W