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The Gunners: an intimate record of units of the 3rd New Zealand Divisional Artillery in the Pacific from 1940 until 1945

Chapter Fourteen — Awards and Casualties

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Chapter Fourteen
Awards and Casualties

HQ Divisional Artillery

  • Honours and Awards:
  • Brigadier C. S. J. Duff, DSO—Mentioned in Despatches.

17 Field Regiment

  • Casualties:
    • Gunner J. C. Parkhill—Died of accidental injuries 20/6/44.
    • Bombardier A. N. Thompson—Died o£ accidental injuries 17/3/44.
    • Bombardier A. Parkinson—Wounded 2/10/43.
    • Gunner L. McFetridge—Wounded 19/2/44.
    • Lance-Bombardier A. G. Ross—Wounded 19/2/44.
    • Bombardier P. C. McMahon—Wounded 16/3/44.
  • Honours and Awards:
    • Captain P. M. Blundell—Military Cross (later killed in action in Italy).
    • Warrant-Officer 2nd Class L. T. Matheson—Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
    • Sergeant H. J. Newberry—British Empire Medal.
    • Lieutenant-Colonel H. W. D. Blake, ED.—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Captain T. M. McKewen—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Gunner L. D. McArthur—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Lance-Sergeant W. F. Perry—Mentioned in Despatches.

38 Field Regiment

  • Casualties:
    • Lance-Sergeant L. J. Carnachan—Died of sickness 11/4/44.
    • Gunner I. W. Graham—Died of accidental injuries 2/8/44.
    • Gunner K. R. Lawrence—Accidentally killed 4/11/43.
    • Sergeant F. J. Oram—Died of wounds 27/10/43.
    • Second Lieutenant G. G. Sandeman—Killed in action 27/10/43.
    • Major D. O. Watson—Wounded 27/10/43.
    • Gunner R. C. Morrison—Wounded 27/10/43.
    • Warrant-Officer 2nd Class L. W. Woods—Wounded 27/10/43.
    • Gunner H. G. P. Pollard—Wounded 27/10/43.
    • Gunner R. W. Hillas—Wounded 27/10/43.
  • Honours and Awards:
    • Sergeant (later Warrant-Officer 2nd Class) E. J. Brown—Mentioned in Despatches.
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144 Independent Battery

  • Casualties:
    • Gunner J. McGinley—Accidentally drowned 23/3/43.
    • Gunner W. H. Mouldey—Killed on active service 15/2/44.
  • Honours and Awards:
    • Sergeant N. Sample—Mentioned in Despatches.

53 Anti-tank Battery

  • Casualties:
    • Sergeant J. H. Swinburne—Accidentally shot 9/2/44.
    • Gunner E. Oxton—Wounded 3/10/43.

33 Heavy Regiment

  • Casualties:
    • Gunner D. D. Harris—Died as result of accident 18/7/43.
    • Sergeant G. H. Herdman—Accidentally shot 13/4/43.

4 NZ Survey Troop

  • Casualty:
    • Lieutenant T. S, Finlayson—Accidentally killed 15/10/43.

28 Heavy AA Regiment

  • Casualty:
    • Gunner F. E. Moore—Died in hospital 27/2/43.

29 Light AA Regiment

  • Casualties (Killed in action 1/10/43):
    • Gunner N. C. Carmichael.
    • Gunner R. P. Craw.
    • Gunner S. Dawson.
    • Gunner W. D. Feron.
    • Gunner J. H. Hand.
    • Temporary-Sergeant M. J. Healy.
    • Gunner M. Lessels.
    • Gunner J. A. McMahon.
    • Lance-Bombardier R. W. Murray.
    • Gunner N. W. J. Young.
    • Lance-Bombardier K. P. Fitzgerald.
    • Gunner E. N. Rae.
    • Gunner A. Rose.
    • Lance-Bombardier A. J. M. Haddock.
  • (Died of wounds 1/10/43):
    • Gunner H. R. Wells.
  • (Wounded 2/10/43):
    • Gunner L. S. Barton.
  • (Wounded 3/10/43):
    • Lance-Bombardier C. Annesley-Smith.
    • Gunner C. E. Courtney.
  • (Killed in action 27/10/43):
    • Gunner R. A. Wilson.
    • Gunner C. L. Scrimgeour.
    • Gunner R. D. Clarke.
    • Gunner A. E. Lowe.
    • Gunner R. M. J. Jamieson.page 289
    • Sergeant L. J. Rickard.
    • Gunner W. C. Hogg.
    • Gunner F. G. Anderson.
    • Gunner E. Regan.
  • (Wounded 27/10/43):
    • Lieutenant J. Lendrum.
    • Captain I. G. Scott.
    • Captain R. Telford.
    • Lieutenant K. V. Jeffery.
    • Lance-Bombardier F. Wilson.
    • Sergeant R. G. Denize.
    • Gunner W. A. Morton.
    • Gunner D. V. Eathorne.
    • Temporary-Sergeant J. Donald.
    • Gunner W. W. Teasey.
    • Gunner A. H. Leaning.
    • Gunner J. P. Fitzgerald.
    • Gunner M. J. Parkinson.
    • Gunner J. I. Nichol.
    • Bombardier J. C. Dow.
    • Gunner W. L. Evans.
    • Gunner C. R. Gooch.
    • Bombardier A. E. Lindeloff.
    • Gunner K. W. Norrish.
    • Gunner N. Dalzell.
    • Gunner W. E. Webb.
    • Gunner L. Keen.
    • Gunner W. F. Heald.
    • Gunner A. F. Syms.
    • Gunner W. G. Nicolson.
    • Gunner G. McLeod.
    • Lance-Bombardier A. G. Stuart.
    • Gunner R. J. Drinnan.
    • Gunner R. I. Kean.
    • Gunner J. C. Irvin.
    • Gunner L. R. Gilbert.
    • Gunner J. P. Egan.
    • Gunner H. Summerhays.
    • Gunner R. E. Redit.
    • Warrant-Officer 2nd Class D. C. Moxon (Wounded 28/10/43).
    • Sergeant F. G. Salt (Wounded 2/11/43).
    • Gunner H. G. Dinnison (Wounded 2/11/43).
    • Bombardier C. A. Eathorne (Wounded 3/11/43).
    • Gunner J. R. Clegg (Died of sickness 3/12/43).
    • Gunner L. B. Reid (Died of sickness 13/12/43).
    • Gunner T. Crannitch (Died of wounds 20/1/44).
    • Captain I. G. Scott (Wounded 20/1/44).
    • Gunner G. J. Stuck (Wounded 20/1/44).
  • Honours and Awards:
    • Guaner M. J. Compton—Military Medal.
    • Lieutenant-Colonel W. S. McKinnon—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Major H. H. Craig—Mentioned in Despatches.page 290
    • Sergeant A. G. Sainty—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Gunner D. Austin—Mentioned in Despatches.
    • Gunner M. J. Compton—Mentioned in Despatches.
  • Citations for Gallantry:
    • Military Cross.
      • Captain Peter Mellor Blundell.
      • Citation: 'On 1 and 2 October 1943 at Timbala Bay, Vella Lavella, Captain Blundell engaged difficult jungle targets with energy and courage. On 2 October in particular regardless of his own safety he crawled forward in front of the infantry positions and engaged the enemy position with success, enabling this area to be cleared.'
    • Military Medal:
      • Gunner Michael James Compton.
      • Citation: 'At the landing on Mono Island on 27 October 1943, as a member of a reconnaissance party, was among the first personnel to disembark, his party landing near an enemy strongpoint occupied by several Japanese with a machine gun. Gunner Compton on his own initiative worked his way round until he could see into the opening on the seaward side where he shot a Japanese. He then worked around to the rear of the fox-hole where he shot and killed two Japanese in the entrance. He kept the entrance blocked until the post was cleared by a bayonet party. By his coolness and courage Gunner Compton contributed largely to the silencing of the enemy position and prevented it from inflicting casualties on our personnel.'
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The complete set of unofficial histories of the Third Division, 2nd NZEF IP, is as under:—

  • Artillery Units
  • Engineer Units
  • Divisional Headquarters, 8th Brigade Headquarters, 14th Brigade Headquarters, and Divisional Signals
  • Medical Units
  • Base Units, 15th Brigade Headquarters, 1st Scots and Ruahine Battalions
  • Army Service Corp Units
  • Tank Squadron, Ordnance Units and Machine-gun Companies
  • 29th Battalion
  • 30th Battalion
  • 34th Battalion
  • 35th Battalion
  • 36th Battalion
  • 37th Battalion
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This Locality Map Indicates the Third Division's Long Lines of Communication in the Solomons and the Landing Dates on the Island on which Units of the Division were Engaged

This Locality Map Indicates the Third Division's Long Lines of Communication in the Solomons and the Landing Dates on the Island on which Units of the Division were Engaged

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