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Pacific Commandos: New Zealanders and Fijians in Action. A history of Southern Independent Commando and First Commando Fiji Guerrillas

Appendix III

page 157

Appendix III

First Commando Fiji Guerrillas which embarked for the Solomons at Suva on 13th April, 1943:—

Fiji Military Forces

Sergeant A. E. Kennard, (European)

Sergeant N. Jope Private Q. Atunaisa
Lance-corporal N. Avakuki Private P. Basituka
Lance-corporal 0. Esira Private S. Bara
Lance-corporal M. Fereti Private J. Bokaka
Lance-corporal W. Jioji Private B.Demesio
Lance-corporal L. Manasa Private M.Donato
Lance-corporal B. Milikade Private D.Emosi
Lance-corporal J. Naqamu Private N.Emosi
Lance-corporal N. Osea Private N. Eneriko
Lance-corporal D. Paula Private M.Epi Mau
Lance-corporal I. Rakaso Private K.Eparama
Lance-corporal R. Roktumba Private B.Eparama
Lance-corporal Q. Toma Private L.Etuwate
Lance-corporal B. Watisoni Private C.Filimone
Private B. Akuila Private N.Ilaisa
Private V. Amani Private H. Ilaisa
Private V. Anare Private V.Ilaisa
Private K. Ananaisa Private N. Ilai
Private B. Apenai Private W. Iona
Private T. Apenai Private R. Iokimi
Private V, Apenisa Private K. Isaia
Private T. Aporosa Private W. Isaia
Private B. Aporosa Private B. Jeremaia
Private N. Asaeli Private K. Joape
Private N: Asiveai Private N. Jone
Private S. Atonio Private R.Josefa page 159
Private N. Josese Private Q. Petaia
Private K. Joseteki Private B. Peeeli
Private E. Josevate Private V. Peeeli
Private N. Kaliova Private N. Pita
Private T. Kamemieli Private K. Powasa
Private I. Kalipate Private L. Ratoto
Private L. Kelemedi Private R. Ravuama
Private W. Kelevi Private D. Ramasio
Private T. Kini Private T. Ruveni
Private R. Kusitino Private R. Rovereto
Private N. Ilaitia Private T. Rupeni
Private D. Lasaro Private V. Rusiate
Private N. Leone Private M. Sairusi
Private R. Lekima Private K. Sairusi
Private V. Livaliva Private R. Sailosi
Private T. Levani Private K. Sunia
Private V. Lorima Private S. Savou
Private L. Malakai Private I. Sefanaia
Private W. Maika Private N. Selima
Private L. Malone Private L. Selestitino
Private S. Manoa Private F. Semesa
Private C. Makario Private W. Seru
Private U. Mataiasi Private M. Seteriki
Private N. Maciu Private K. Simeli
Private B. Moape Private E. Simione
Private R. Moape Private K. Sitiveni
Private B. Mosese Private D. Sirilo
Private M. Mosese Private R. Solomone
Private A. Naroga Private W. Solomone
Private Q. Neipote Private V. Soloveni
Private N. Oveni Private T. Suliano
Private C. Pailato Private T. Taniela
Private S. Paula Private B. Tevita
Private T. Paula Private N. Tobia
Private K. Peni Private N. Uraia
Private Q. Peni Private S. Vonitiasi
Private T. Peni Private T. Venasio
Private L. Penaia Private V. Waieea
Private N. Petero Private K. Waisele
Private T. Petero
page 160
Tonga Defence Force
Lieutenant H. Taliai Private M. Lui
Sergeant J. Inukiha' agana Private J. Ma'afu
Sergeant J. Ma'aji Private S. Mahe
Corporal S. Suliano Private S. Okusitino
Lance-corporal T. Ahio Private V. Solome
Lance-corporal J. Mataele Private T. Ta'aga
Lance-corporal T. Sili Private T. Taumalolo
Lance-corporal J. Tafa Private I. Tua
Private J. Ahau Private J. Tubou
Private T. Balu Private J. Vava
Private J. Fatu Private A. Vaka
Private J. Felila Private J. Vi
Private M. Feke Private M. Vilisoni
Private M. Kelebi Private B. Vuni

Note: The above names may not be strictly accurate, but they are the shortest names by which the men were known on the records. Some of these names are Christian and some are Surnames.