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Base Wallahs: Story of the units of the base organisation, NZEF IP


page 6


Chapter Page
One—Advanced Party 9
Two—Hq, Nzef Ip 13
Three—Base Reception Depot 20
Four—Records Section 27
Five—Pay Corps 33
Six—Graves Registration and Stationery 43
Seven—The Nzef Ip Band 49
Eight—Base Training Depot 54
Nine—Artillery Training Depot 60
Ten—15th Brigade Headquarters 67
Eleven—the Scots 70
Twelve—the Ruahine 79
Thirteen—Medical Units
I —4th Motor Ambulance Convoy 87
II —Base Camp Reception Hospital 90
III —4th NZ General Hospital 95
IV —2nd NZ Convalescent Depot and Kalavere Hospital 105
Fourteen—Dental Services
I —Fiji 113
II —New Caledonia and the Solomons 115
Fifteen—Army Education and Welfare Service 123
Sixteen—Public Relations 137
Seventeen—Kiwi Company Nz Waac 142
I —4th NZ General Hospital Detachment 143
II Btd Detachment 145
III —2nd NZ Convalescent Depot and Kalavere Hospital 146
IV —Kiwi Club Detachment 149 page 7
Eighteen—National Patriotic Fund Board 152
I —Early Days in Fiji, Tonga, and Nox'folk Island 154
II —The YMCA in New Caledonia 155
III —New Caledonia, May 1943 to August 1943 157
IV —Nat Pat with the Division in the Combat Zone 161
V —Activities in New Caledonia 167
VI —New Caledonia, May 1944 to September 1944 170
Nineteen—29th Mt Company 174
Twenty—Field Bakery 185
Twenty-One—Works Services Units 188
Twenty-Two—Base Ordnance
I —Pacific Outpost 198
II —Equipping the Division for Battle 203
Twenty-Three—Noumea Units 210
Twenty-Four—Base Signals 213
Twenty-Five—Canteen History, 3rd Nz Division 219
Twenty-Six—Field Maintenance Centre 223
Twenty-Seven—Postal Unit 227
Twenty-Eight—Censor 238
Twenty-Nine—Movement Control 243
Thirty—Force Rear Party 251
Thirty-One—Mangere Camp 254
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