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The 36th Battalion: a record of service of the 36th Battalion with the Third Division in the Pacific

Coconut Grove

page 116

Coconut Grove

Would you like to go to the movies in the cool of the evening air?
There's a jolly good show at the CB camp, but I'm sorry you can't go there.
You can catch the barge to Falamai—it's a show you've seen before;
You're sure to arrive too late for a seat, but there's always room on the floor.
Or take a walk to the Bomber Group, as long as the strip is clear,
And in between the roar of planes there'll be a bit you'll hear.
As sure as you go too far from home we'll get 'condition red'.
So don't forget you old tin hat, lest shrapnel strike your head;
And if perchance your luck is out and you're caught in pouring rain
By the time you've sweated the long trek home, you're nearly dry again.
There's hardly a thing to do in camp, no matter how hard you try,
So take a chance at a movie show, out under the starry sky.