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Story of the 34th

Ceremonials And Celebrities — Jottings From An Official Diary

Ceremonials And Celebrities
Jottings From An Official Diary

1940, 23 December: Brigadier W. H. Cunningham inspected Samambula camp.
1941, 16 January: Brigadier Bowerbank inspected Samambula camp.
 25 April: There was an Anzac Day parade on Albert Park, Suva.page 135
 18 July: Lieutenant-General Sir Guy Williams took the salute at a ceremonial parade at Albert Park, This was followed by a practice 'alarm'.
1942, 18 May: Major-General O. H. Mead inspected the battalion on the Nausori golf links.
 27 May: His Excellency the Governor-General, Marshal of the Air Force, Sir Cyril Newall did the same.
 14 June: At a United Nations Day parade in Suva, the battalion was represented by C company.
 9 September: The new Goc, Major-General H. E. Barrow-dough, inspected the brigade at Papakura.
 23 November: The fact that our tropical clothing was worn out was impressed on the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant-General Puttick, and the Rt. Hon. J. G. Coates, when they visited us in Tongatabu.
 4 December: Major-General M. Harmon, American commander of ground forces in the South Pacific, thought he could get us some more shirts. He inspected C company at reserve area, Tonga-tabu.
1943, 25 April: Anzac Day parade at Ouenghi, New Caledonia.
 9 July: The Minister of Defence, the Hon. F. Jones and the Goc inspected the brigade at Dubois Field, while the band played Isa Lei.
 30 July: General Puttick, the Hon. W. Perry and the Hon. W. Nash paid informal calls.
 1 November: Colonel Eyre and the mortar platoon represented the battalion at the raising of the Union Jack on Mono Island.
 19 November: The Governor-General and the Goc found us hard, lean and bronzed on the beaches at Malsi and Soanotalu.