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To Greece

The German Plans are Changed, 15–16 April

The German Plans are Changed, 15–16 April

As a result of this unexpected resistance the German commanders now adjusted their plans. That night, 15–16 April, General Stumme of XXXX Corps ordered 9 Panzer Division to spend the next day preparing to attack on 17 April. But the divisional commander, General Hubicki, knowing the country and realising that he needed still greater artillery support, met Stumme and convinced him that another attack would be both pointless and expensive. Instead XXXX Corps would ‘tie the enemy down in the Servia position’ and thrust through Grevena towards Elasson, thereby outflanking the Aliakmon line. There need be no further attack in the Servia sector; if the line was outflanked through Grevena the British would have to withdraw.