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To Greece

The Overall Situation

The Overall Situation

Elsewhere the situation was even worse. In North Africa the advanced guard of Rommel's army was approaching the border of Egypt while the main body was probing the outer defences of Tobruk. Its repulse on 14 April showed that the situation was not altogether hopeless, but this success was already balanced by expected but yet disturbing news from the Balkans.

On 13 April, the day that Wavell returned to Egypt, the Germans entered Belgrade. The armies of Yugoslavia were then in such confusion that on 15 April2 their commander asked for an armistice. So whatever the conditions in North Africa, it was essential that Wavell should in the very near future return to Greece and there decide whether the expeditionary force should fight it out or be evacuated by the Royal Navy.

2 The capitulation was complete by 17 April.