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To Greece


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united kingdom

‘The Campaign in Greece’, an important narrative of events prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel E. E. Rich for the United Kingdom Historical Section. The bibliography with its list of war diaries and official documents is particularly useful.

‘Barbarossa; the origins and development of Hitler's plan to attack Russia’, by E. M. Robertson, Historical Branch, Cabinet Office, London.

Appendices to the Chief of the Imperial General Staff's Diary of his visit to the Mediterranean, February–April 1941. (Photostat.)

Report on Operations in Greece, March–April 1941, by Lieutenant-General H. M. Wilson.

Commanders-in-Chief Committee, Inter-Service Lessons learnt in the Campaign in Greece, March–April 1941

Report by the Inter-Services Committee on Greece.

‘The War at Sea’, Vol. II (1941), Admiralty preliminary narrative written by Historical Section of Tactical, Torpedo and Staff Duties Division, Naval Staff.

Greece and Crete’, narrative by Major J. R. P. Williams, The Buffs.

Letter describing campaign in Greece, by Major R. Hobson, OBE, Brigade Major, 1 Armoured Brigade.

Events at the Corinth Canal, 26 April 1941, by Captain J. P. Phillips, The Devonshire Regiment.

Kalamata: Reports from Brigadier L. P. Parrington, Lieutenant-Colonel Basil Carey, 3 RTR, Lieutenant-Colonel J. P. Robinson, 8 Hussars, Major G. A. F. Kennard, The Shropshire Yeomanry, and Major F. B. Topham, Royal Artillery.

new zealand

‘2 NZEF, 1939–40’, official narrative prepared by W. A. Glue.

‘The Campaign in Greece’, five volumes, the official New Zealand narrative prepared in great detail by I. McL. Wards from the war diaries and reports of New Zealand units and formations; and from the majority of the British, Australian and New Zealand sources listed in this bibliography.

Files of the Prime Minister's Department: NZ Forces, Greece and Crete Campaigns. Constitution and Administration, 2 NZEF; General Weekly Résumés ( UK), Naval, Military and Air Situation.

War Diaries of 2 NZEF.

General Freyberg's files.

Historical Review, 23 Sep 1939–24 Sep 1940, by Major-General B. C. Freyberg.

‘The New Zealand Division in Greece’, report by General Freyberg, 1941.

Letters from Lord Freyberg to the Editor-in-Chief, New Zealand War Histories, Department of Internal Affairs.

page 520

Transcripts from extracts from private diary and letters of Brigadier J. Hargest.

Report prepared by Major Neil Rattray, NZ Liaison Officer, Headquarters, British Troops in Greece, Athens.

‘The Convalescent and Walking Wounded Hospital at Voula and Megara, 16 April–26 April 1941’, by Lieutenant John Borrie, NZMC.

‘The New Zealand YMCA with the 2nd NZEF in Middle East and Italy’, narrative by B. W. Potter.

Kalamata: Reports from Major A. P. MacDuff, Captain H. S. D. Yates, Sergeant J. Hinton, VC, and some forty officers and other ranks.

As many unit papers were lost and many engagements never officially recorded, personal diaries, letters and narratives are an important source. They are, however, too numerous to list.


‘12 Army Campaign in the Balkans: A strategic Survey’, (German Military Documents Section, E.60/3).

12 Army orders and reports (GMDS files).

Wisshaupt, E., ed. ‘The Balkan Campaign of 12 Army, 1 Jan–1 May 1941’.

XXXX Corps, XVIII Corps and VIII Air Corps: orders, air reports and miscellaneous messages are quoted in divisional war diaries.

War diaries and reports of 6 Mountain Division, 72 Infantry Division, SS ‘Adolf Hitler’ Division, 2 Panzer Division; and their respective units and Battle Groups.

No reports have been found to cover the fighting about the Corinth Canal and at Kalamata.




International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg: Trial of the Major War Criminals …. Vols. III, IX and X, Nuremberg 1947.

International Military Trials, Nuremberg: Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol. I., Office of the United States Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1946.

united kingdom

Operations in the Western Desert from December 7, 1940, to February 7, 1941, General Wavell's Despatch (Supplement to The London Gazette, 25 June 1946).

Operations in the Middle East from 7 February 1941 to 15 July 1941, General Wavell's Despatch (Supplement to The London Gazette, 3 July 1946).

page 521

Air Operations in the Middle East from January 1, 1941, to May 3, 1941, Air Chief Marshal Longmore's Despatch (Supplement to The London Gazette, 19 September 1946).

Air Operations in Greece, 1940–1941, Air Vice-Marshal J. H. D'Albiac's Despatch (Supplement to The London Gazette, 7 January 1947).

Transportation of the Army to Greece and Evacuation of the Army from Greece, 1941, Admiral Cunningham's Despatch (Supplement to The London Gazette, 18 May 1948).

Hansard: House of Lords Debates, 15 April 1953 and 17 March 1954; House of Commons Debates, 6 and 7 May 1941.

Aspinall-Oglander, Brigadier-General C.F., Military Operations, Gallipoli, 2 vols. London, HMSO, 1929–32.

Buckley, C., Greece and Crete. London, HMSO, 1952.

Butler, J. R. M., Grand Strategy, Volume II (September 1939–June 1941). London, HMSO, 1957.

Falls, Cyril B., Military Operations, Macedonia, 2 vols. London, HMSO, 1933–35.

Playfair, Major-General I.S.O., The Mediterranean and the Middle East, 2 vols. London, HMSO, 1954–56.

Woodward, E. L. and Rohan Butler, eds., Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919–1939, Third Series, Volume V. London, HMSO, 1952.


The Tiger Strikes, published with the authority of the Government of India by the Director of Public Relations, 1941.


Greece. The Greek White Book; diplomatic documents relating to Italy's aggression against Greece. London. Published for the Royal Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs by Hutchinson, 1942.

Papagos, General Alexandros, The German Attack on Greece. London, Greek Office of Information, 1946.


Nazi–Soviet Relations, 1939–1941. Documents from Archives of the German Foreign Office, as released by Department of State, Washington. New York, Didier, 1948.

Führer Conferences on Naval Affairs, 1939–1945, published in Brassey's Naval Annual, 1948.

Halder, Franz, The Halder Diaries, 7 vols. Washington, Infantry Journal, 1950.

new zealand

Stewart, Colonel H., The New Zealand Division, 1916–19. Auckland, Whitcombe & Tombs, 1921.

Documents relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War, 1939–45, Vols. I and II. War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 1949 and 1951.

Bates, P. W., Supply Company, 1955

Borman, C. A., Divisional Signals, 1954.

page 522

Burdon, R. M., 24 Battalion, 1953.

Cody, J. F., 21 Battalion, 1953.

Cody, J. F., 28 (Maori) Battalion, 1956.

Henderson, J. H., RMT, 1954.

McGlynn, M. B., Special Service in Greece (Episodes and Studies series), 1953.

McKinney, J. B., Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy, 1952.

Mason, W. Wynne, Prisoners of War, 1954.

Norton, F. D., 26 Battalion, 1952.

Pringle, D. J. C. and Glue, W. A., 20 Battalion and Armoured Regiment, 1957.

Ross, Angus, 23 Battalion, 1959.

Sinclair, D. W., 19 Battalion and Armoured Regiment, 1954.

Stout, T. D. M., New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy, 1956.

Underhill, M. L., New Zealand Chaplains in the Second World War, 1950.

Wood, F. L. W., The New Zealand People at War, Political and External Affairs, 1958.

Except for the first named, all the above are published by the War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington.


united kingdom

Assmann, Vice-Admiral Kurt, ‘The Battle of Moscow, Turning Point of the War’, Foreign Affairs, January 1950, pp. 309–26.

Barrie, J. M., Courage. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1934.

Brunskill, Brigadier G. S., ‘The Administration Side of the Campaign in Greece’, Army Quarterly, April 1947.

Bryant, Arthur, The Turn of the Tide. London, Collins, 1957.

Burns, Tom, Calamity Bay. Penguin New Writing, No. 19, 1944.

Ciano's Diary. 1939–43, (ed. Malcolm Muggeridge). London, William Heinemann, 1947.

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Freyberg, Lieutenant-General Sir B., ‘The 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Middle East’, Army Quarterly, October 1944.

Guedalla, Philip, Middle East, 1940–1942. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1944.

De Guingand, Major-General Sir F., Operation Victory. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1947.

page 523

Hart, B. H. Liddell, The Other Side of the Hill. London, Hamilton and Co. (Stafford) Ltd., 1956.

Haig, Field Marshal the Earl, The Private Diaries of Douglas Haig, 1914– 1919, ed. Robert Blake. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1952.

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Waller, Lieutenant-Colonel R. P., ‘With the 1st Armoured Brigade in GreeceJournal of the Royal Artillery, July 1945.

Wavell, Field Marshal, ‘The British Expedition in Greece’, Army Quarterly, January 1950.

Wilson, Field Marshal Lord, Eight Years Overseas. London, Hutchinson, 1950.


Hetherington, John, Blamey. Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1954.

new zealand

Uren, Martyn, Kiwi Saga. Auckland, Collins, 1943.

united states

Archer, Laird, Balkan Journal. New York, Norton, 1944.

Cox, Geoffrey, ‘General Freyberg, V.C.’Atlantic Monthly, April 1943, pp. 57–61.


Papagos, General Alexandros, The Battle of Greece, 1940–41. Athens, J. M. Scazikis, ‘Alpha’ Edition, 1949.


Gebirgsäger in Griechenland und auf Kreta—Heer 18. Gebirgsarmeekorps, Berlin, Verlag, ‘Die Wehrmacht’, 1943. (Translated by the War History Branch.)

Von Serbien bis Kreta, by a publicity company of the German Army. Athens, Aspioti-Elka, 1942. (Translated by the War History Branch.)

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