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New Zealand Engineers, Middle East



1. Before the assault of the R Senio and during the subsequent operations, NZE consisted of the following:


Three field companies of normal British War Establishment.


Assault squadron, NZE, consisting of two troops each equipped as follows:

  • 3 Arks

  • 3 AVsRE

  • 3 Valentines (Scissors bridge)

  • 2 Sherman dozers

  • 1 Honey tank (recce)

  • 2 Dingoes

  • and HQ vehicles


Mechanical Equipment Company, NZE, consisting of two platoons each equipped as follows:

  • 2 D8 angledozers

  • 2 D6 angledozers

  • 1 Mechanical shovel

  • 1 Compressor

  • 1 Tractor-drawn grader

  • 2 Dingoes (recce)

The field companies were allotted to infantry brigades in the normal way while the assault squadron and mechanical equipment company were under command of the CRE, and allotted by him to forward units as required.