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Battle for Egypt

List of Maps

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List of Maps

Facing page
The Axis Approach to the Oilfields 1
Syria and Lebanon 19
Minqar Qaim and Alamein: Dispositions on evening 26 June 1942 53
El Alamein 135
Ruweisat Ridge: Plan of Attack and Dispositions on 14 July 1942 201
El Mreir: Plan of Attack and Dispositions on 21 July 1942 315
In text
The Advance of Panzerarmee on Matruh, 26–27 June 1942 46
21 Panzer Division's Encirclement of New Zealand Division at Minqar Qaim on 27 June 1942 84
Withdrawal of New Zealand Division from Minqar Qaim on night 27–28 June 1942 106
The Rout of Ariete Division, 3 July 1942 168
4 and 5 New Zealand Brigades from 3 to 7 July 1942 174
Ruweisat Ridge: The Morning of 15 July 1942 238
Ruweisat Ridge: Afrika Korps' Attack on 4 New Zealand Brigade, 15 July 1942 288
El Mreir: The Advance and Dawn Counter-attack, 22 July 1942 329
El Mreir: 23 Armoured Brigade's Advance and final New Zealand Dispositions, 22 July 1942 356

The occupations given in the biographical footnotes are those on enlistment. The ranks are those held on discharge or at the date of death.

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Colour map of surrounding oilfield areas

The Axis Approach to the Oilfields