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War Economy

Canadian Mutual Aid

Canadian Mutual Aid

Canadian Mutual Aid came later in the war than Lend-Lease, an agreement between the Governments of New Zealand and Canada being concluded in June 1944. Imports from Canada had fallen from nearly £5 million in 1938 to under £2½ million in 1942, but were well over £11 million in 1943 and remained over £5 million a year for the rest of the war. Some £6 million of imports were received into New Zealand under the Mutual Aid agreement, mostly in the years 1945 and 1946. The wheat mentioned above1 was valued at £1·2 million and direct war materials at £3·7 million, the next largest item being machinery and hardware at £0·4 million.

There were no Canadian forces in New Zealand and no other opportunity to provide reciprocal aid to Canada. The substantial balance in Canada's favour was written off after the war, and Mutual Aid represented a very generous contribution by Canada to the war effort.

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