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War Economy

Manpower Needs for Industry

Manpower Needs for Industry

The scheme for diversion of men from the Pacific provided for the return to New Zealand by October 1944 of 11,000 men. Seven thousand were to be in the country by 1 July, the remainder to return at the rate of 2000 a month. The men were to be those who volunteered to work in specified essential industries. The National Service Department estimated the minimum needs of industry at 17,500 men, to be placed before the end of 1944, 12,600 for farming and related industries, 4900 for other essential industries.

Estimates for farming and related industries comprised:

Dairying and pig production 7,000
Meat and wool 1,000
Mixed cropping and stock 500
Vegetables and fruit 300
Butter and cheese factories 250
Freezing works 1,500
Food processing plants 100
Rural housing and ancillary occupations 1,950
Total 12,600

For other essential industries the estimated needs were:

Sawmilling 800
Coal mines 300
Hydro-electric works 800
Railways 1,000
Housing 2,000
Total 4,900
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First priority was the return of 7000 men for dairying. They would be needed by July to start the 1944–45 season.