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The New Zealand Dental Services

Another Administrative Battle

page 211

Another Administrative Battle

In early February 1942 the control and command of the Mobile Dental Unit again became a bone of contention between the ADMS and the ADDS. The ADMS was adamant that he should be in full command of the unit and the ADDS was just as determined that the unit should be, firstly, part of the main dental organisation, and secondly, subject to the control of the ADMS when attached to the Division. The argument was bitter and it would seem unnecessary. A ruling had already been given by Headquarters 2 NZEF (see p. 162). This headquarters, while recognising that a degree of co-operation would have solved the problem, had to seek a solution which would restore harmony whilst still carrying out the intention of its policy. The obvious link between the antagonists was the DDMS, to whom both were ultimately responsible. The ADDS was his adviser on dental matters and the ADMS his deputy within the Division. Certain additions were therefore made to the ruling which emphasised the ultimate responsibility of the DDMS and channelled the decisions of the ADDS and the ADMS through him:

The Mobile Dental Unit is intended to serve the NZEF as a whole and will therefore from time to time be moved where it can most usefully carry out its duties.

The decision whether the Mobile Dental Unit or part thereof is to be attached to NZ Division or to be withdrawn from NZ Division rests with the DDMS and it is for him to say at what stage attachments are to commence or cease. The ADDS is the adviser of the DDMS in this as in other matters.

When NZ Division is under orders to move from one location to another it will be the responsibility of the ADMS to raise with the DDMS the question whether or not the Mobile Dental Unit or such part of it as is attached to NZ Division is to move with the Division.

This gave the ADDS a stronger position and more control over the maintenance of dental health in the force.