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The New Zealand Dental Services

Fuller to Finn:

Fuller to Finn:

We have been able to realise the limitation of the R.A.D.C. Dental Outfits. I like their chair and case which is both light and extremely efficient regarding attachments and movements etc., and also the type of pannier with the collapsible front and removable metal cabinets of instrument trays. However your outfit, even though it is so much smaller and lighter, is infinitely better equipped, more practical and far more use in the Field. It is not possible to open out these outfits in the Desert for example and begin work, in five minutes. Tables, kidney bowls, dishes, primuses, buckets etc., have to be borrowed or stolen (Mostly the latter at the moment) before one can commence. In other words it is obviously designed for use in units where such items can be easily supplied, e.g., Field Ambulance, General Hospital etc. I was gathering further information from Colonel O'Connor today and, as he points out, they have no one in advanced positions in the field, they are at the moment very worried about the denture question in the field, examination of dental cases etc., and are looking for the solution —their solution, as he realises, is in your scheme.