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The New Zealand Dental Services

Dental Arrangements—Divisional and Non-Divisional

page 143

Dental Arrangements—Divisional and Non-Divisional

All recommendations regarding dental arrangements and treatment with the 2 NZEF will, as at present, be referred to the ADMS or the Senior Administrative Medical Officer for his approval.

It can be seen that the ADDS was working on definite lines to establish a dental service for the whole force of extreme mobility, without any rigidity of allocation of personnel to any one unit. His views were receiving a sympathetic hearing from Force Headquarters and he was writing long letters to the DDS in New Zealand keeping him informed of progress. It soon became obvious that these letters, written from a sense of moral obligation to keep the DDS fully acquainted with the situation and to solicit his support, were adding to his difficulties. The DDS apparently regarded the radical alteration of his organisation as revolutionary and retrograde and attempted to influence the position by enforcing the rigidity of attachment originally suggested. Radical and revolutionary it was, and it created problems for the DDS in the provision of personnel and equipment, bound, as he was, to the shibboleths of the past and under an obligation to justify the quantities of his selection. His long experience and profound study of warfare made him hesitant to acquiesce in the demolition of an organisation that had won admiration in the past, but it could not be disguised that the possibility of changing circumstances might make it inevitable.