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The New Zealand Dental Services

D.D.S. to Officers N.Z.D.C. Proceeding Overseas. 1 January 1940

D.D.S. to Officers N.Z.D.C. Proceeding Overseas. 1 January 1940

Your duties on board H.M. Transports are of necessity limited to the alleviation of pain and dental treatment of an urgent nature as dental equipment is not being sent out of New Zealand. However, an emergency outfit has been fitted in a Dental Emergency Haversack and has been placed on Stock Ledger Charge to the Ship's Quartermaster for your use on the voyage. You will be responsible that this haversack is handed over to the quartermaster prior to disembarkation accompanied by an indent for any shortages.

You will attend at all sick parades on board and co-operate with the Medical Officer in giving necessary dental attention and keep a record on Form N.Z.D. 3 (to be entered in the same form in your Day Book which you will receive at the N.Z. Base Depot).

You will strictly observe ‘Ship's Standing Orders’, be responsible for the discipline and supervision of the ship-board duties and training of your other ranks and also take your part in the ordinary routine of duties.