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British Forces

British Forces

Killed & Died of Wounds Wounded Prisoners of War Total
Royal Navy (Shore establishments only) No record. Slight.
British Army 612 224 5314 6151
Royal Marinc 114 30 1035 1179
Royal Air Force 71 9 226 306
Cypriots & Palestinians 9 1 396 406
AIF 274 507 3102 3883
New Zealand 671 967 2180* 3818
Total 1751 1738 12254 15743

Greek Army No figures available. 11 Air Corps reported 5255 prisoners.

Details of British and Australian casualties have been supplied by British and Australian Historical Sections. Number of wounded prisoners of war is not ascertainable except for New Zealand troops. In their case there were 671 killed and 1455 wounded, the killed being 31 per cent of the total. It is reasonable to suppose that the same ratio was general and that about 1700 wounded (excluding NZ wounded), are included in the Prisoner of War columns. Losses at sea in the evacuation from Heraklion were an additional 260 to 300, while according to Admiral Cunningham (A Sailor's Odyssey, p. 389) the Royal Navy lost well over 2000 dead in the operations around Crete.