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page 529


Many abbreviations are used in orders, reports, signals, and other messages quoted in this history; others appear in the text and in footnotes.

AA anti-aircraft
AA & QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
A/Q Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADS Advanced Dressing Station
ADW (E & M) Assistant Director of Works (Equipment and Maintenance)
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AMES Air Ministry Experimental Station1
amn ammunition
Arty Artillery
ASC Army Service Corps
A-tk anti-tank
Bde Brigade
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BHQ Battery Headquarters
BM Brigade Major
Bn Battalion
Bty Battery
CAS Chief of Air Staff
CD Coast Defence
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CO Commanding Officer
Comd(r) command/Commander
COS Chiefs of Staff
Coy Company
CRA Commander Royal Artillery
CRE Commander Royal Engineers
CSM Company Sergeant-Major
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services.
DADOS (E) Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services (Equipment)
DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General
DCGS Deputy Chief of the General Staff
DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
det detachment
DID Detail Issue Depot
EFI Expeditionary Force Institute
FAA Fleet Air Arm
FDL Forward Defended Localitypage 530
FO Foreign Office
FPC Field Punishment Centre
fwd forward
GHQ General Headquarters
Gk Greek
GOC General Officer Commanding
GOC-in-C General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
GOR Gun Operations Room
Gp Group
GPO Gun Position Officer
GS General Staff
GSO 1 General Staff Officer (1st Grade)
HAA Heavy Anti-aircraft
HQ Headquarters
3H 3 Hussars
Hyg Hygiene
inf infantry
Inst instruction
I (Int) Intelligence
I tanks infantry tanks
JIC Joint Intelligence Committee
JPS Joint Planning Staff
Ju Junkers
junc(t) junction
km kilometre
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
LMG Light Machine Gun
LO Liaison Officer
Lt light
MDS Main Dressing Station
ME Middle East
also General Headquarters Middle East
Me Messerschmitt
Med Mediterranean
MG (mg) machine gun
MLC Motor Landing Craft
MMG medium machine gun
MNBDO Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation
MO Medical Officer
MT Mechanical Transport
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
Mtn Mountain
NH Northumberland Hussars
OC Officer Commanding
OO Operation Order
OP Observation Post
Op Inst Operation Instruction
ORs other rankspage 531
Para Parachute
Pl Platoon
PM Prime Minister (United Kingdom)
PM NZ Prime Minister of New Zealand
POL petrol, oil, and lubricants
posn position
PW prisoner of war
RA Royal Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RE Royal Engineers
recce reconnaissance
Regt Regiment
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHQ Regimental Headquarters
RM Royal Marines
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
RMT Reserve Mechanical Transport
RQMS Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant
R/T radio telephony
RTR Royal Tank Regiment
RV rendezvous
SC Staff Captain
sec section
2 i/c second-in-command
sig(s) signal(s)
SL squadron leader (tank)
S/L searchlight
SMG sub-machine gun
Sqn Squadron
TG tommy gun
tks tanks
TLC Tank Landing Craft
TM trench mortar
TOO time of origin
tps troops
tpt transport
WD war diary
WO War Office
W/T wireless telegraphy
x yards

1 Cover description for radar station.