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Concert Parties

Concert Parties

The chaplains were often distressed by the tone of British official concert parties, and in spite of many protests the standard remained low throughout the war. Some of the artists had little talent and page 33 tried to succeed by substituting smut for humour, but this evil went further for many leading lights in the theatrical profession who visited the troops seemed to imagine that there was a general demand for filthy jokes and suggestions. Certainly the troops wanted humour, but again and again they told the chaplains they did not want bawdiness.

In this respect the chaplains were delighted by the excellent example set by the Kiwi Concert Party, which abounded in real talent, gave bright entertainment, and was warmly appreciated by troops serving all over the Middle East.

The chaplains were also grateful for the presence of the military bands who often played at Church parades, and at other times softened the rigours of Army life.