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Courses for Chaplains

page 111

Courses for Chaplains

The chaplains themselves had several opportunities for attending refresher courses in Italy. Twenty-six went to a New Zealand course held in Rome in July 1944. Comfortable accommodation was provided in a hostel and the lectures and discussions took place in the New Zealand Club. While the course was being held the chaplains made wide use of the services of Father J. W. Rodgers15 who was doing very valuable work in showing New Zealanders round the wonderful buildings of Rome. During the course a number of useful discussions took place, and methods were considered for deepening the spiritual life of men in the 2nd NZEF and preparing them for civilian life after the war. An excellent pamphlet on ‘Spiritual Rehabilitation’, prepared by Padre Holland, was approved, and further encouragement given to the formation of communicant groups within the brigades. New Zealand chaplains also attended refresher courses run by the Royal Army Chaplains' Department at Bari and Assisi, and three were present at the International School of Religion organised by the South Africans at Lake Como.