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Bardia to Enfidaville

6 Infantry Brigade and Enfidaville

6 Infantry Brigade and Enfidaville

Early attempts by 8 Armoured Brigade and 6 Infantry Brigade to capture Enfidaville, or even to enter the town, and a later attempt by Divisional Cavalry to bypass it on the east, were all foiled either on minefields or by bad going or by the resistance of an alert enemy. As early as the afternoon of 15 April any idea of a stronger attack or large raid was abandoned, in view of forthcoming alterations to the front. The 26th Battalion came into the line on 15 April on the left of 25 Battalion, so filling a gap between 6 and 5 Brigades.

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During 16 April there was some desultory enemy shelling, but no casualties. Commanding officers of relieving battalions from 201 Guards Brigade of 50 (N) Division made their reconnaissances during the day, and both 25 and 26 Battalions were relieved shortly after midnight 16–17 April, the former assembling some miles in the rear. The 26th Battalion then side-slipped to the left and was located entirely west of the main road, and the boundary between 50 (N) Division and 2 NZ Division was fixed on a line running just west of the road, but 2 NZ Division retained a right to use the road for administrative purposes.

In the readjustment of frontages 26 Battalion took over the front covered by the two right companies of 28 Battalion, the inter-brigade boundary being just east of Takrouna.