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Bardia to Enfidaville

23 Battalion

23 Battalion

The plan for 23 Battalion was straightforward. There were special instructions for taping the start line, and for measuring the distance to the second objective. This was to be checked by pacing by one man in each platoon, three men in each company headquarters, and three men in battalion headquarters, the distance being 1100 paces.

The battalion was to advance through 28 Battalion with two companies forward and two in support. During the 80-minute pause of the barrage on the first objective, the battalion was to form up on the line of the Zaghouan road and then move up to the start line, which was about 200 yards north of the road. Once it had reached the final objective—the northern side of Djebel el Froukr—the leading companies were to dig in, while the others exploited along Djebel Ebilate and linked up with 24 and 21 Battalions on the flanks.